Tuition Deferral Fact Sheet

Baptist College of Health Sciences One-Year Tuition Deferral Program Fact Sheet

Please read carefully this information on the One-Year Tuition Deferral Program being offered to rising seniors of Baptist College of Health Sciences (Baptist College) enrolled in clinical as a nursing major. At this time, the program is not available to already licensed personnel enrolled as completion students in nursing:

  1. Selection criteria will include such things as academic record, the interview, and the workforce needs of the Baptist Corporation. A student may not participate in this tuition deferral program without being interviewed. (Note: This is not an employment interview. The actual employment interview will be conducted by BMHCC Employment Services and the hiring manager sometime during your senior year.)
  2. For those selected to participate, the college will defer senior year tuition cost only. This deferral program does not exempt you from paying such expenses as books, technology fees, other course fees, housing fees, parking fees and fines, graduation fees, liability insurance, etc.
  3. Tuition deferral is only inclusive of initial classes, and you will be responsible for all costs associated with repeating any class or classes. Also, you will be in default of this agreement if you withdraw, are dismissed from school, or miss more than one consecutive trimester without the prior approval of the college.
  4. If selected for the deferral program, you may participate in a nursing internship at a BMHCC hospital only. This requirement is intended to benefit you. If you are a student employee at BMHCC, you will be oriented to the facility’s policies and procedures, work routines, and equipment. This experience reduces the confusion of your movement from the student to the employee role. You will get an opportunity to observe different work units/groups and make some choices about where you want to work. Such student work experience does not count toward the required employment period, as explained in #7.
  5. If you are selected to participate in this program, you must remain a full-time student at Baptist College and graduate on schedule. If your progression is delayed, you must be re-certified by Ms. Martin or Ms. Norris to remain in the program. After graduation, it is your responsibility to secure any necessary license(s) as required for employment under BMHCC policy. There are variations in the license requirements for each major. You will need to talk with an employment recruiter about licensure requirements at the time of your employment interview.
  6. Following your graduation and licensure, you will become an employee of a BMHCC hospital (acute care facility) if you successfully complete the employment process. You must work full-time, meaning that you work a minimum of 72 hours in each two-week pay period.
  7. You must agree to work for BMHCC for one year or 12 consecutive months. This is a requirement of 12 months for each year of deferred college expenses at BCHS. You won’t be penalized if you become eligible for the Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, or any other similar law. Your 12-month employment period will resume when you return to work, with credit posted for previous time employed.
  8. Your employment, based upon workforce needs, may be in Metro Memphis or in a Baptist regional hospital; however, as a BMHCC employee, you will have the opportunity to transfer during the required employment period in accordance with BMHCC policies and procedures.
  9. As a BMHCC employee, you will receive credit in the amount of 1/12th of the Total Deferred Tuition, plus its accrued interest for each month of employment during the required 12-month employment period. For all who work 12 consecutive months, the complete indebtedness incurred through the deferral of covered college expenses is “forgiven.”
  10. You will lose the benefit of this tuition deferral program and must repay all monies deferred if you: (a.) fail to become licensed; (b.) fail to successfully complete Baptist’s employment process; (c.) refuse employment in a BMHCC acute care facility; (d.) resign; (e.) get fired; or (f.) voluntarily reduce your work hours below 72 hours per two-week pay period.
  11. In the event of any of items a-e mentioned in #10, you agree to pay Baptist College 1/12th of the Total Deferred Tuition, plus its accrued interest for each month less than 12 months of full-time employment. No interest will be charged if you pay the entire amount due within 90 days of failure to complete the required employment period. If the entire amount due is not paid within this 90-day period, your balance will be converted to an interest bearing note, payable in 36 monthly installments. The interest rate for this note will be determined at the time you sign the initial tuition deferral documents.
  12. Participation in this deferral program should not affect your Federal or State Grants. Please contact April Tyson, director, at 901-572-2446 to inquire about your Federal Loans.
  13. Students cannot participate in both tuition reimbursement programs from Baptist Memorial Hospital and in the Tuition Deferral Program of BCHS.
  14. The college and Baptist Corporation officials may share information, including reports of alcohol or drug use or any other information that may reflect on your status as a student or an employee. This information will be shared on a need-to-know basis.
  15. The government may require that taxes be paid on the tuition deferral and its accrued interest.

If you have further questions about the One-Year Tuition Deferral Program, contact:


Jessica Ayers