Baptist College of Health Sciences offers ample parking for all student, faculty, staff, and visitors. All students and employees are required to register any vehicle that they may be driving to campus. Each individual that registers a vehicle is issued a parking decal. This decal is to be visible when your vehicle is parked on campus.

Parking Fees

All students pay a $25 fee for parking access to Lots B, C, and D. Use of Lot A is limited to residential students who live on campus. Any non-resident students with special circumstances who receive administrative permission to use Lot A will pay an additional $50. Replacement decals are $10 each. 

Parking Lots

Click here for Baptist College parking map.

Baptist College has four main parking lots:

Lot A (the Main Campus parking lot) is the lot that enters off of Pauline at Monroe and is where the Main Campus Building and the Annex are located. This lot is available to residential students, employees, and individuals with special needs (determined by Baptist College administration).

Lots B (Union Avenue lot entered off  East Street), C (Pauline and Madison or the UT lot entered off of Court Street), and D (Science Center lot entered off of Camilla) are open to all Baptist College individuals that register their vehicles and pay the allotted fee.

No-Parking Areas

Baptist College has a number of spaces that are reserved for specific purposes. All spaces just outside the Main Campus entrance gate are for visitors. All spaces in front of the Science Center by Landau Uniforms are for Landau customers. There are other reserved spaces that are designated as handicapped, security, administration, or faculty and fire lanes. Please park vehicles in one designated space. Parking on sidewalks and grassy areas is also prohibited.

Parking Tickets

Baptist College reserves the right to ticket vehicles that are in violation of parking regulations or policies. In addition to previously stated polices, tickets can be given for entering an exit gate, failure to comply with a security officer, not having a proper decal, double parking, parking in an unassigned lot, and any other parking related violation. Parking fines must be paid within two weeks. Failure to do so will result in the fine being placed on your student account.

Parking Appeals

All appeals must be in writing within 48 hours of the ticket being issued. Appeals can be addressed to security and left at the front desk of the Main Building. If you parked in any area mentioned in the “No Parking Areas” and were ticketed, your appeal must be compelling.