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Web Related Instruction

Online courses are offered through the Blackboard Academic SuiteTM platform or MoodleRoomsTM where the faculty member and the students are geographically separated except during specified orientation and testing times. Online courses are offered at BCHS to provide alternatives for varying learning styles and flexible scheduling so that students can meet their degree requirements. The students will be required to attend class on campus on stated occasions as specified by the instructor.

Blended courses are offered to provide a combination of instructional formats - traditional classroom and online instruction. The classroom time will account for a minimum of two-thirds of the course while up to one-third may be online instruction/learning. Blended courses are designed to cover the stated course objectives and match the amount and depth of the traditional class format. Faculty should clearly articulate the outcomes expected to be completed in both the traditional class time and those in the online learning.

The following are examples for use in blended courses: course syllabi, online assignments, web sites, online journal article links (including PDF files or forms), posted case studies, self-assessment quizzes, discussion boards, announcements and grade book.

Web-assisted courses are courses in which the Blackboard platform is used to supplement traditional classroom instruction, not to replace it. Any Baptist College of Health Sciences faculty member may incorporate web-assisted instruction into their curriculum after participation in a BCHS training session and with the appropriate approval.

The following are examples for use in web-assisted courses: syllabis, online assignments, websites, online journal article links (including PDF files or forms), posted case studies, self-assessment quizzes, announcements and grade book.

Computers in the computer classrooms, classrooms, or any laboratory at the College may not be used to fulfill the requirements of an online or blended course. Computers in the library may be used during approved hours.

All students enrolled in an online or blended course are required to complete an online assessment and participate in an online education session provided by the faculty member.

To enroll in an online course, the student must be enrolled in CIS101 (Introduction to Computer Concepts) or have credit for the course.

Any student repeating a course in which a "WF", "D", or "F" was earned in the first attempt, may not register for an online section of the course without prior approval by his/her advisor, program chair (if applicable), and dean of the division where the course resides.

The Learning Management System grade book is for communicating grades only. The Learning Management System grade book is not the official grade book; the official grade book is maintained by the course instructor and contains the grades of record.