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Technical Standards for Nursing

In addition to meeting Baptist College's Performance Standards, the following technical standards and essential functions outline reasonable expectations of a student in a nursing program for the performance of common nursing functions:

Essential Function


Physical Requirement


Ability to communicate with a wide variety of people, and the ability to be easily understood. Reading, writing, recording and documenting patient information is required.

Speak clearly and adapts communication to the condition and age of recipient. Uses English language effectively.


Hearing acuity sufficient to hear normal conversation, avoids need for repetition of statements.


Writes legible, with clarity in sentence structure.



Analytical Skills/Critical Thinking

Analytical skills sufficient to process information, to transfer knowledge from one situation to another, and to prioritize tasks.


Critical thinking ability sufficient for safe, clinical judgment.



Ability to problem solve quickly.


Ability to learn and reason, to integrate, analyze and synthesize data concurrently.


Auditory abilities sufficient to monitor and assess patient needs; to detect and respond to alarms, emergency signals and cries for help.

Use of auditory sense


Accurate hearing. Hearing acuity sufficient to hear normal conversation, avoids need for repetition of statements.




Ability sufficient for observation and assessment necessary for the care of patients and operation of equipment.

Use of sight


Accurate 20/40 Near and Far Vision with accurate color discrimination, differentiation of subtle changes in color, and depth perception.




Ability sufficient for patient assessment and operation of equipment

Normal tactile feeling and use of touch to feel sensitivity to heat, cold, pain, pressure, size, shape, texture, etc.




Physical ability, flexibility, strength and stamina sufficient to provide safe and effective care.

Continuous (67-100% of day): Standing


Frequent (36-66% of day): Walking, carrying objects, push/pull, twist, bending, reaching forward, reaching overhead


Occasionally move objects and/or lift objects 20-50 lbs; frequently move and/or lift objects 10-25 lbs.



Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective care.

Frequent (36-66% of day): Pinching/fine motor activities.


Occasional (up to 35% of day): Keyboard use/repetitive motion.




Emotional and mental health sufficient to establish therapeutic boundaries, to perform multiple tasks concurrently and to handle strong emotions.

Emotional and mental stability