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Graduation Requirements

For students admitted to a Pinnacle Program cohort, all courses required for graduation must be completed by the time the admitted cohort health care management curriculum is completed or graduation will be delayed. Courses taken off campus must be completed the term prior to the trimester in which graduation occurs. The following requirements must be completed before degrees can be conferred:

  • Completion of all Pinnacle Program academic requirements.
  • Residency requirements as outlined in the BCHS Catalog.
  • All financial obligations to Baptist College.
  • Final degree audit prior to anticipated graduation.
  • Completion of Student Life and College Service requirement.

Students in a given cohort may request, in writing, an extension to the deadline for course completion. An extension to course completion must be approved by the chair of the Pinnacle Program and the appropriate academic dean. If a student withdraws from a program cohort and is readmitted to a different cohort, the student must meet the graduation requirements applicable to the new program cohort.