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Because of the accelerated nature of the program, course modules are short, varying in length from 4-7 weeks each. Success in these shorter courses requires that students be present and on time for all planned learning experiences. For that reason, attendance is required for all class sections of the Pinnacle Program courses. In the event of an unforseen emergency, the student must contact the course instructor as soon as possible. If the instructor is not available, the student may notify the chair of the Pinnacle Program or the Educational Project Specialist of the Division of Academic Services. Two class absences in any Health Care Management course module will result in a failure of the course, unless compelling evidence is presented to offer alternative plans for course module completion. If course module completion is offered, the student will receive a letter grade of "I" or "Incomplete" and must submit a plan of action for completion of all remaining course requirements to the course instructor and program chair for approval. If the plan of action is approved, the student must complete all remaining course requirements no later than two (2) weeks after the next course module begins or the "I" will be converted to an "F."

Regardless of the reason(s) for absence, the student is responsible for all work covered by the instructor during the absence, including timely submission of assignments. The instructor has the discretion to allow students to make up missed work in circumstances of a reasonable absence.

Attendance will be considered when reviewing poor academic performance for student progression decisions.