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Admissions Criteria for Early Admission

Students may apply for Early Admission to Baptist College of Health Sciences (BCHS) during the junior year in high school and be accepted to begin classes after completion of the junior year.

The student may be planning to take courses during the summer only and return to high school as a senior or may take courses at BCHS concurrent with the high school senior year.

The requirements for admission are:

  • Completion of the junior year of high school.
  • Minimum ACT composite of 24 or equivalent SAT.
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.25 (4.0 point scale) in academic subjects. Must include 3 English, 3 math, and 2 laboratory science courses with a grade of "B" (3.0) or better.
  • Letter of request from the prospective student outlining the reason for requesting Early Admission.
  • Letters of support from parent and high school principal or counselor.

To complete the formal application process to BCHS after high school graduation, students who earned college credit at any accredited college while in high school must submit an updated admission application and all credentials after graduation from high school. All BCHS admissions criteria and requirements must be met. Early Admission students will be eligible for academic scholarships designated for "new" freshmen, once all freshman admissions criteria have been met.