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Traditional Program Option

What are the benefits of this program compared to the other nursing programs?

The faculty offers a quality education in a Christian environment.  Small class size allows faculty to plan and oversee all aspects of the student’s experience.  The Baptist College is fortunate to be affiliated with a large respected health care facility that provides sites for many clinical experiences; however, various other facilities in three states are also used to enhance and expand the student’s learning expe

Will my previous course work transfer?

Official transcripts will be reviewed for transfer credit approval. The computer concepts course must be no more than three years old; required sciences must have must be no more than five years old. A student who has taken a computer science course more than three years ago may sit for a challenge exam. Students have the right to appeal transfer credit decisions by providing the Dean of General Studies with additional information.

Transfer credit for nursing courses must be appealed to the Dean of Nursing. Professional major courses are not automatically transferred.

Can I take my general education courses at another accredited college or university before I enroll in Baptist College of Health Sciences?

Yes and No. Baptist College of Health Sciences is a four-year degrees granting institution that offers all courses, including general studies, on campus. Although transfer credit is awarded for previous course work, it is strongly recommended that interested candidates connect with college early so that progression to the professional major is not delayed.

Can I work full time while enrolled in the nursing program?

In this economy, we recognize the need of students to be employed. However, the student is cautioned about full-time employment because of the rigor of the curriculum and the time commitment required for successful completion of the program.

How can I apply for admission to the nursing program?

The Baptist College of Health Sciences Admissions Office will assist you through the application process. Please contact the admissions staff for more information at
901-575-2247 or Lissa Morgan, the Manager of Admissions, at 901-572-2441.

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