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Advisory Committee and Clinical Instructors

Advisory Committee

To meet the goals and objectives of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program as well as those of the College, the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program seeks input from an advisory committee. The advisory committee is made up of representatives throughout the Mid-South. The committee meets at least one time per academic year and as needed.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the advisory committee or attending a meeting, please contact Mitzi Roberts.


Clinical Instructors

Clinical instructors are an integral part of the DMS program and the student’s learning process. They represent a group of registered sonographers from various health care entities that educate our students during the hands-on learning experience. This non-paid group of educators provide an excellent setting for students to grow their knowledge. Some of the roles and responsibilities of a clinical instructor include:

  • Serving as a professional role model and resource.
  • Providing appropriate clinical supervision with adequate attention, instruction, and supervised practice to acquire the knowledge and competence needed for completion of competencies.
  • Serving as liaison between students and program when faculty members are not on site.
  • Understanding the clinical competency process.
  • Supporting the necessary goals for performing studies and providing care.
  • Evaluating students behavior and clinical performance.
  • Communicating with program faculty regarding clinical rotations and educational process.
  • Maintaining current knowledge of program policies, procedures and rotation expectations.
  • Assisting in development of skills.


Clinical Instructor Handbooks

Clinical instructor handbooks are available for all clinical instructors.


The online clinical record system being used by students can be accessed by selecting the following link:  TRAJECSYS. Clinical instructors can complete compentency and evaluation records electronically via the system.